What is SSL and Why You Need it?

SSL (Security Socket Layer) is an internet security technology that makes the online data more secure. It establishes an encrypted link between internet browser and server to ensure the secure communication of information to the final destination. Websites that have an SSL standard are capable of keeping the transactions more secure. Thus, they succeed in gaining the interest of customers. Stemstech Solution integrate SSL certificate on website depend on client’s requirement.

न्यू स्वस्थ समाज सेवा फाउण्डेशन


The importance and advantages of SSL Certificates have to do with both security and website optimisation. If your website contains, receives, or transmits sensitive information, you need an SSL certificate. SSL stands for secure sockets layer. In computer talk a socket is an endpoint of a two-way communication link between two programs over the internet or on a network.

The most important term, of course, is secure. Your customers’ names and all their personal information, including their credit card numbers are targets for bad actors on the web, and an SSL certificate provides the indispensable—and often mandatory—privacy and security you need to do business on line.

  1. An SSL certificate encrypts sensitive data

An SSL certificate encodes data—i.e., encrypts it—to render it unreadable by those who don’t have the key. When a customer fills out an Internet form, for example, the data often relays from one computer to another in its journey to a final destination—your website.

  1. SSL ensures the information goes where it is intended

The SSL certificate acts as a “handshake” between communicating browsers. It shows your customers that your website is current and not a fake rendition looking to scam or bilk the customer out of payments. Look for the “S” after the “http” in the web address line. Also, there is a small “lock” image on the same line.

  1. An SSL certificate meets PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards

If you want to securely process credit card payments with proper encryption, an SSL certificate will open the door to instant payments and higher profitability, because it inserts an industry standard 180-bits of encrpytion. The bottom line here is: no SSL certificate means you will not be able to process credit cards.

  1. SSL guards against scams

Scammers have a particularly difficult time in replicating authentic SSL certificates. Without that certificate, customers are wary and suspicious. They navigate away.

  1. An SSL certificate promotes customer confidence and trust

Your customers take a leap of faith when they shop on line. Lose that trust and customers will never return. They expect your business to treat them honestly and provide value for the money they spend. Adding an SSL certificate adds another layer of trust and operability to your online business.

  1. An SSL certificate improves SEO

Search engine optimisation is what gets your site to the top of Google’s search results. It is a combination of great content, savvy keyword /Adword use, and optimal web design.

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