Why Social Media is NOT Sufficient for your Business?

We know that social media can be of great help when it comes to advertising for our business, but it is not enough to rely on it every time. There is a whole spectrum of things to do in order to attract more and more customers, which in turn will help to get higher profits.

3 Reasons Why Social Media is NOT Sufficient for your Business

o The natural client base will decrease relatively:e. when income starts to flow in from something that we are offering for free, more is often expected. Take the following as an example. Consider an educational website, offering a free service to those who want it, this will draw in a large number of viewers. Noticing this, you decide to affix a high cost to the service you previously provided for free, expecting higher profit; this is dangerous and will almost certainly result in many of your clients leaving. Your original client base will not be happy with the change, and will quickly search for the next best thing. Furthermore, the advertisements may not always reach expectations. It is important to never be certain of a positive response from the advertising we put out on social media. We can never be sure how the public will take the advertisement, and as such must always plan for failure.

o You don’t own it: It is important to remember that whenever posting or popularizing the brand/business on a social media site, that the control is completely in their hands. The risk here is a substantial loss for your business, as the social media sites will always show what they want, and they always cater to the highest bidder. In order to circumvent this, create a website, where only your business will be king, with nothing to compare it to, this can be of great help.

o Have a range of strategies to achieve your goals: Social media is a mix of many different things, which can lead to trouble if you only depend on that. This is because when you tie yourself to one thing, any bad impacts it has had, or any problems it may have, suddenly become yours too. This can be very damaging for a business or brand. Only depend on social media to an extent, always try and be innovative and try new things.

o Designing a website for your business: This is very easy in this day and age, which was not always the case, it was very time to consume and costly in the past, as people did not know how to do it. These days there are many companies to choose from, who offer free trial packages and provide this service in an easily accessible way. We can even hire people to manage the website for us at a low cost. This step may require incurring some costs, the benefits of having an independent business and your own platform are immeasurable.


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