Freelance Web Developer in Meerut

freelance web developer meerut

Freelance Web Developer Meerut

I’m based in Meerut INDIA where I work from home. I have been working professionally as a web designer for 6 years, I made my very first website 8 years ago.Freelance Web Developer Meerut.

I have bachelor degree in Information Technology, with google certification and W3school Best Web Developer Certificate which lead me to begin my career as a online designer for the best and leading Design & Development Company. I then worked for both Digital and Advertising agencies before setting up my own business in 2012.

I specialise in creating marketing/information websites that market your products or services successfully online. Websites which generating more leads or sales, and raise awareness for your brand.

My process is collaborative. I’ll involve you closely in every stage of the project, listening to your requirements so we deliver a solution that meets your businesses goals.Freelance Web Developer Meerut.

Every new project is approached with an attention to detail and a determination to exceed your expectations.

I am always ready and eager to assist you with any web based solutions, graphic requirements, internet marketing or corporate branding solutions you may require. The exceptional customer service that I provide never deviates regardless of the size and scope of the project at hand. I also have a team of highly trained and skilled professionals that take great care in ensuring that the final product is always delivered on time every time, within budget and utilizing the finest techniques, technology and creative thinking at our disposal.Freelance Web Developer Meerut.

Freelance Web Developer Meerut

Why should we Hire you? You will run off with our money?

There are 2 kinds of people: one who you can trust and other who take your money and run. I am in the former category. I know that you might not have had a very good experience in outsourcing to Indian developers or freelancers but I assure you that I am not like that. I tend to work on only one project at a time so that I can give my best to it and that is why I am expensive also. Since, I take only those projects which fire up my inner developer, I am totally devoted to your project. Give me a chance and see for yourself.

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These guys are great to work with! VERY GOOD COMPANY. I strongly recommend them. This is project is dream project of college life and they have come alive my dreams.The site looks great and works better than expected! Stemstech Solution exceeded our expectations and I have referred their services to my close friends!”.

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